Facebook Timeline For Business


Facebook Timeline For Business

What The March 30th 2012 Changes To Facebook Pages Mean For Your Business, And What You Need To Do To Prepare!

Register now for this timely webinar and learn about how your business can make the most of Facebook’s new(ish) timeline layout for business pages.

You’ll learn:

  • What changes Facebook is making to business pages (and why)
  • Details on how the timeline layout impacts business pages
  • How you can leverage the new Facebook page design to your advantage

Get registered for this FREE webinar today and find out how to adapt to Facebook’s new layout and leverage ALL of the cool new features

Day Time Registration Link
Sunday 10:00 AM http://smarterwebinar.com/reg/w007/?swid=gduggal&wver=w007-7su
Monday 7:00 PM http://smarterwebinar.com/reg/w007/?swid=gduggal&wver=w007-7mo
Tuesday 11:00 AM http://smarterwebinar.com/reg/w007/?swid=gduggal&wver=w007-7tu
Wednesday 5:00 PM http://smarterwebinar.com/reg/w007/?swid=gduggal&wver=w007-7we
Thursday 9:00 AM http://smarterwebinar.com/reg/w007/?swid=gduggal&wver=w007-7th
Friday 7:00 AM http://smarterwebinar.com/reg/w007/?swid=gduggal&wver=w007-7fr
Saturday 10:00 AM http://smarterwebinar.com/reg/w007/?swid=gduggal&wver=w007-7sa